Questions For Early Employees Of Startups By Sam Altman

Hiring Approach:

— During the initial phases of a startup, how do you effectively manage your time to ensure a smooth and efficient hiring process? There will be always important things to do but getting a good market fit for your company can prove a great asset and a growth factor, so this needs your valuable time.

Understanding the Roles:

— How do you ensure that you recognize and understand the roles you are employing prior to bringing in new team members? You need to understand what the role is all about and what a new hire will do in this position, if you dont know answer to this you will never be able to hire the right candidate.

During The Interview:

— It should always feel like a engaging conversation and the whole chat should be involved rather just a barrage of questions and answers. Engage in conversation with the candidates regarding their accomplishments. Inquire about their notable projects and significant achievements. Specifically, discuss their daily activities and recent accomplishments. This will give you an understanding of the candidate and his work ethics.

Candidate Demo:

— Always a good practice to offer a candidate to showcase his skills in a demo hire for a couple of days this will give you a huge edge in understanding the intelligence and skills of the candidate. Candidate will also get a feel of things. It can also save you from a burn out later if the employee doesn’t perform as expected.

Where To Get The Candidate From

— Resourcing candidates from a personal network can be effective at times so try involving that up and see how that works for you. Off course you can walys use the traditional source of hiring as well

Mission Alignment Of the Candidate:

You should get an understanding if the candidate understands your mission values and saying yes to a question is easy but to be able to contribute towards achieving the mission is what as an employer you have understand .

Work Culture Importance:

— What in a candidates sense is a good work culture and what he expects in a healthy work culture. Does he have any specifics or can he suggest any improvements to the existing culture from what he has heard or learnt.

Speedy Hiring:

— What are the few key elements rather qualities that you are looking in teh right candidate. If you need to hire quick you need to be clear on that part so that you will not compromise the quality of candidate.

Salary and Equity:

— You should know what the role is and what you have to offer as a compensation for that role. By giving the right salary and equity you are paving the way to success of your startup. It may not seem easy but it is best for your startup when your employees are the happiest.

Fit or Not Fit:

— When you are involved in the hiring process, be it understanding the role or mucking into other related information you build your gut feeling on what you need and this will also help in deciding whether to go for a particular candidate or not.

Hiring can be the key to your success or to your downfall if you are not aware what the hiring process should be for a startup and what role you are trying to fill in.

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