How To Cancel Wonder Ai Subscription in 5 Easy Steps

Wonder Ai uses Artificial intelligence and human prompts that give it an idea of what you would like to generate. Features like Random Art Generator and Style Transfer make it easy for a novice user to use this Ai tool. However, if you are not satisfied with it or want to cancel due to any limitations below is a simple guide on how to cancel Wonder Ai subscription in 5 easy steps.

1: Go to wonder ai website on your Chrome browser and login into your account.

how to cancel wonder ai subscription
Unsubscribe Wonder Ai Subscription

Profile Options

2: Now when you hover your mouse cursor on the profile icon as shown in the picture below and click on it. To see the Subscription and Membership options you must click on the Profile Icon and then you will see a new left-side pane with the “Subscriptions” option

wonder ai profile icon
wonder ai profile option

Finding Subscription Option

3: Now you need to click on the “Subscriptions” option in the left side window pane and it will show your subscription information.

subscription option in wonder ai
subscriptions option wonder ai

Cancel Subscription:

4: Next, you need to click on your subscription information on the page, click Cancel Subscription, and confirm your choice. Once this is done you will no longer be subscribed to wonderai

5: Once unsubscribing to Wonderai is done you will receive a confirmation email as well, do check that out in your email from Wonderai confirming your subscription cancellation.

How To Cancel Wonder Ai Subscription From Android Phone

1: First you need to go to Google Play Store and click on it.

2: On the Google Play Store home screen click on your profile icon on the top right corner, once you click there you will get a number of options.

3: Now click on Payments and Subscriptions option and it will show up another screen with a number of options.

4: Now Click on Subscriptions and locate Wonder Ai Subscription, Click on it and it will give you the option to cancel it towards the bottom of the screen.

What Happens After Cancelling Wonder Ai Subscription

Your Wonderai account will remain active and you can use it as long as you want to but you won’t be billed any further.

Users find it difficult to navigate to the Subscriptions option in Wonder Ai because of the left side pane that opens up when hovering over it and it gets a bit confusing, but i hope the above guide has helped you in canceling the Wonder Ai subscription.

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