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About This Site


This site contains two series of articles. One series is a collection of technologies and their relationships where you may navigate and hop from one to the other as you explore them. Each technology is systematically analysed based on a number of questions. Many links are given for the topics of each article so that the interested reader could follow for more.

Note that the intention is not to demonstrate how a particular technology is achieved, although a short description is always given. It doesn’t really matter. All we want to know is how a particular concept is going to help us and affect the others. As a result, the articles are intended to be concise but informative.

The other type of articles attempt to put together a few of these ideas and paint a better picture of the future. Would this future make sense? Would this ever happen? If there are five competing display technologies, is it correct to imagine a world where all five are present? What if an unrelated technology, such as retinal transplants eliminates the need altogether? Would the society accept such developments even if they are achievable? Maybe humans are not psychologically comfortable to use a particular technology.

In short, these articles attempt to raise issues and show the relationships between various trends. It is by no means trying to show a precise prediction of the future. It is more about the possibilities, the trends, implausible technologies and the general gist of what is about to happen to our lives in 2020, 2050, 2100 or even beyond.

I hope you enjoy the content and provide your valuable feedback, so I can improve on any shortcomings. Predicting the future is not a job that can be carried out single-handedly, nor is it a one-off job. It is more of a process and I hope it will unfold with your help as we move on to next decades.

Tip: In the technology articles, links leading to other technology articles are underlined while other external links are not underlined.