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Wearable Computing

Wearable Computing
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
0 Comments :: Article Rating :: Computer Graphics, Gadgets, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Human-Machine Interface

Imagine you are on your holiday and you are exploring a city you have never been to before. You want to know everything about this new place, understand its history, how people lived here in the past and how they live today. You want to quickly understand what this place stands for.

Now, imagine if you took your ‘Wearable Computer’ with you. While you are exploring the city, you come across some ruins. You are curious to know what they are. You use the touch screen on your wrist to request information for your present location. The GPS device embedded in your gadget knows where you are. Based on your location, information is pulled from a variety of sources available on the net and are aggregated by your device. At the same time, the camera attached to you is recording the environment around you. The camera records the orientation when pictures were taken. The collected information is then displayed back to you overlaid on top of the images taken by your camera. Names of places hover over various ruins, buildings and features of the environment you are in. You can even get to see extra pictures (taken by other visitors in the past), read the place’s history, news and latest developments. You can also add your own inputs, pictures and any other sensory information you collected for others. You can even set it to automatically broadcast this information, so you don’t have to think about it.

You can accomplish all of this with a number of devices attached to your body that seamlessly work together.

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